Our Office Leaders

There is a popular saying too many cooks spoil the broth. But, we at Revvster Technologies Pvt Ltd. boast of our astounding success having people from different backgrounds, culture and the expertise. All of us bring years of hands-on expertise and experience to the table befitting the sole purpose of making our organisation a unique place where works appear a real fun.

Join our team and let’s make things happen together for the good!

Mr. Pratik Nagotra
Mr. Pratik Nagotra CEO / Director / Cofounder
Pratik is a first generation entrepreneur by choice. He gave up a cosy job with Bosch to give a head start to the Revvster Technologies Pvt Ltd. with his long-time friend Gautham Prakash. Pratik has done masters in racing engine design from the Oxford Brooks University.
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Mr. Gautham Prakash
Mr. Gautham PrakashCTO / Director / Cofounder
Gautham also is a first generation entrepreneur. He shares the vision of breaking away from the conventional technologies with Pratik. Gautham and Pratik joined hands in 2014 to give birth to Revvster in Bangalore, India. Gautham leads the role of the CTO (Chief Technical Officer).
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Mr. Rajappa
Mr. Rajappa Production Engineer
Rajappa is the man in action for putting ideas into reality. He’s seen as one of the most valuable assets of Revvster who loves keeping his fingers crossed under any situation.
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Ms Apoorva
Ms ApoorvaSenior Software Developer
Apoorva is often referred to as a software bug. She’s passionate about throttling the unconventional ideas into reality.
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Ms. Swathi
Ms. SwathiSoftware Developer
Swathi is better known for his entrepreneurial skills in engineering. She’s full of ideas and loves developing user-friendly models.
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Mr Yashwanth
Mr YashwanthBusiness Development and Sales Executive
Yeshwant works like the next door guy while building rapport with the key decision makers of the client organisation.
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Ms. Saroja
Ms. Saroja Office Maintenance
Saroja has a knack for perfection. She’s viewed as the mistress of the Revvster family who’s responsible for putting the house in order.
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