PR (Public Relation) Tracker


We at Revvster Technologies Pvt Ltd. take pleasure to introduce our revolutionary PR Tracker solutions for your business.

“Like the five fingers of your hand, NOT every PR tracker in your niche segment and market can yield the desired effect. You will be happy to know that we have a proven credential on our proverbial PR Tracker solutions befitting your business needs.”

Our PR Tracker solutions cater to the businesses alone. It means our system is fully equipped and dedicated for the purpose of tracking the effective PR activities of your business.

We live in 21st century where beating your own drum creates hype around you. That’s why you get to see corporations around the world spending billions for creating buzz around them and remain top of mind awareness of the customers and the prospects alike. The gist is: to remain at the top of mind awareness of your customers and prospects, you must create buzz around you. When you subscribe to our unconventional and high end technology enabled PR Tracker solutions for your business, you essentially take a giant leap towards the coveted success and reports.


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Your PR activities may be running fine at some point of time of your business. But, a situation like this doesn’t assure you about the best performance of your PR activities. Your competition may be doing something better and popular than yours and winning more customers. Our coveted PR Tracker solutions help you analyse and track the competition activities in the market. You thus remain market savvy.

To analyse your PR activities, you will find our PR Tracker solutions helpful and trustworthy for your business. Many have witnessed this. It’s now your turn to test the impeccable strength of our PR Tracker solutions.

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