SalesBuddy Solution for Automobile


Knowledge is power to you, It is equally important to your customers and the prospects. After all, knowledge allows someone to take an informed decision in life be it in the case of purchasing a car or a bike.

“Everyone needs support in terms of an instant access to data on the products for giving their best performance. We chip in and help with our unconventional and high end technology solutions popularly called SalesBuddy Solution for the automobile sector.”

SalesBuddy Solution for the automobile sector works on the principles of touch application on tablets. It means your sales team can get all those information in one touch on their tablet that customers and prospects usually want to know before purchasing.

Our Solution has the inherent intelligence of capturing data like the e-mail address and the contact numbers of the customers and the prospects. It thus sets you free from carrying a book or so while delivering a sales pitch.

SalesBuddy Solution for the automobile sector uses a fully secured cloud for storing all the data pertaining to your business. It means you never lose any important data/information be it on your product or the customers. Because of the huge storage capacity on the cloud, you can access all those data and information instantaneously.

We customize the Solution that can effectively work in boosting sales. The best part is that your customers and the prospects get all their queries answered on an instant basis. This potentially increases the opportunities to close sales.

SalesBuddy Solution for the automobile supports multimedia such as the high definition (HD) videos and the photographs. In addition, it can send brochures to the customers as per the schedule, helps to visualize colors of the vehicles in one touch, and collects customers’ feedback with ease.

They say experience is the best teacher. Call us for a demo on our revolutionary solutions through the SalesBuddy Solution for the automobile sector.

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