We are Revvster Technologies Pvt Ltd. and we are synonymous with developing unconventional technologies for our esteemed customers. We started our corporate journey in 2014 having headquarter in Bangalore, India. With our sound technical know-how and the path-breaking solutions, we offer customers multiple solutions bespoke to their need. We relentlessly work at reconstructing our customers’ ideas into reality and the way beyond that gives them a definite edge over the competition.

With a team of highly qualified and well-experienced experts, we specialize in Cloud-based mobile application and strive for designing and developing the cutting edge solutions for our clients. We, in short, have a focused approach on providing B2B (Business to Business) support in the domain of the leading technologies.

What We Believe

The unique and unmatched diversity in our team ensures a quick, reliable, and dependable service to our customers. With our extensive network of partners in various domains, we have access to a wide range of technologies making it possible for us to provide customized solutions to our customers.

Apart from supporting the industry stalwarts on finding solutions bespoke to their need, we will soon launch more solutions with an eye for the present and the future demands of the industries as a whole. You will always find us standing tall on your side at your beck and call. That’s simply more than a promise in our work culture. Because, we believe in bonding with you over a business interest. We partner your growth and vision too


You can benefit from us in more than one ways.

 Access to our alliances and expedite solutions at every stage of your product or service development
 Despite having volatility in the market, you can effectively control overhead and recruitment costs
 A dedicated team with a focussed approach on your project needs
 Merit of having a cost efficiency and reliability for the present and the future businesses

We keep things simple and transparent. We are flexible to sourcing a solution for our customers as it minimises costs at their end.




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Revvster Technologies Pvt Ltd is working together to change the nation through a network of leaders, training events and resources. Giving Businesses all the glory he deserves.


Our products create opportunities for you to remain in touch with the customers and the prospects alike with an in-depth analysis on their buying behaviours and patterns.

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